Blackout is a fabric that completely does not allow sunlight to pass through and is able to shade the room by 100%. The back layer, turned towards the sun, is usually made of white or light threads that reflect the rays. The inner layer is the most dense, impermeable, some manufacturers use special impregnation, while others resort to black threads. The advantages of the fabric include not only light opacity, thanks to its multilayer structure, the fabric also performs soundproofing tasks, delaying extraneous sounds and noise.


Dimout allows to block light up to 90%. This gives partial diffusion of sunlight when using the material for curtains, filling the room with soft light, as well as provides complete darkness at night. Dimout curtains are perfect not only for apartments, but also for hotels, offices, public spaces. The material does not fade, drapes well, becomes an excellent decoration of the interior. Heat and sound insulation helps to keep the room cool, quiet and reliable protection from direct sunlight.

Outdoor fabrics

Outdoor fabrics are perfect for decorating gazebos, verandas and patios, as well as covers for outdoor furniture, tents and swings. No matter how intense the sun or mechanical friction is, they will retain color much better than ordinary fabrics. Durability of material and amazing color fastness make outdoor fabrics the best choice for outdoor furniture. Furniture will retain its original color and perfect appearance in any weather for a long time.

Easy to clean

Easy-to-clean fabric with an “easy clean” coating, which is often called “smart fabric”. The point is that the surface of this upholstery is processed by a special compound that does not let water or other liquids that may accidentally get on your sofa to penetrate deeper. Upholstery with a non-woven base is ideal for pet owners. It is difficult to scratch the material with claws, so pets, as a rule, quickly lose interest. Vandal-proof fabrics will be indispensable if you have small children. Felt-tip pens and ink are easily washed off, not to mention ordinary liquids like coffee or tea.


Leatherette is a polymeric material that is used to replace natural leather. A unique way of embossing and patterning allows to create a high-quality leather imitation. At first glance, it is impossible to distinguish synthetic material from natural.

Natural fabrics

Natural fabrics are produced from flax, cotton, nettle, wool, silk and other raw materials. In the production process no artificial or synthetic additives are used, so the finished material has a lot of positive characteristics and is completely environmentally friendly. If the merits of synthetic or mixed fabrics often require proof, then natural materials are excellent a priori. Products that carry natural energy warm, protect, serve as a decoration, as well as bring amazing comfort and coziness.